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I have a home studio with professional equipment to create high quality drum tracks, which can be sent remotely to you.


Here are some sample audio tracks from songs I have recorded for artists:

Clumsy (Cover)All Time Low
Pop MixtapeSoul Calibre
Progressive Metal
ProcrastinationAvocado Haze
Soul Groove
Manhattan (Instrumental)Armstrong
Work Shit Out (Solo)Dirty Loops
Get To ItDave Weckl

How It Works

Contact Me

Send me an email, fill out the contact form or message me on any of my social media accounts.  

 We can discuss details about your music, and you'll be able to express your  expectations and vision for the drum track.

Sending the materials

You can send the files for me to use when recording. This could be a complete drum-less version of your track, midi drums for reference, sheet music, click track, or whatever you have at this stage of the song's development.

The more information the better!


After considering all the information, I will send you a quote for the overall cost, as well as a date that I can send you the track.

Once this is agreed I will begin tracking the drums.

Final Stages

 I will send you a bounce of the drum track - at this stage you can let me know if there are any modifications you require which I can revise until you are fully satisfied with the recording.

I will ask for the payment, and then send you the .wav files of the final drum recording.

  • How quickly can I expect to receive the recordings back?
    I am usually able to complete the process within 7 days.
  • Which genres can you record?
    I am able to record in any genre. I have had experience in many different bands and musical situations internationally so have become comfortable playing a wide range of styles.
  • How much do you charge for a drum track?
    There are many factors which I take into consideration when pricing my work. This includes length of song, difficulty, and urgency. Every track is different so get in contact to find out more.
  • What if I am not happy with the recording?
    My musical intuition and meticulous attention to detail based on the client's information means that I work hard to produce the best track possible, and offer amendments to be made to cater to your requirements. In the rare occasion that you are not happy with the final result, you can let me know and walk away with no financial obligation.
  • Can I have a video recording as well as the audio recording?
    Yes if you specify before I begin the recording phase that you want a video, I can record the session. This will cost a small additional fee and can even have multiple angles if you require.
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